Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Are you looking for quality solar panel cleaning and maintenance services?Ext Cleaner Power Solar is a Sacramento California-based company offering superior quality solar panel cleaning and maintenance service at competitive prices. We have been providing residential, commercial, and industrial solar panel cleaning and maintenance services for over 5 years and know that we have the best team of solar cleaning specialists.

We offer FREE quote and estimates on every job we take on for our clients. With our solar panel cleaning and maintenance service, we have the fastest response time in the area. We guarantee our solar panel cleaning service will take less than 2 hours per residential home or office building and no more than 3 hours for commercial businesses. Call today and find out how we can save you money by cleaning your solar panels while improving their lifespan. We also provide free tips on how to keep your solar panel system clean.

Our solar panel cleaning service is one of the safest ways to clean and maintain solar panel systems. We use top of the line solar cleaning equipment and cleaning products. In fact, our company uses only water which is the most environmentally friendly method of cleaning solar panels. The cleaning process does not damage the solar panel systems nor the paint job. We are a proud member of the National Cleaners Network and follow all the safety guidelines.

We do all types of solar panel cleaning jobs. We clean both exterior and interior panels. We can clean the following:


We can also remove existing panels, if needed. If the panels were damaged we can also remove those and repair them.

Please contact us today at (510) 290-8171 to learn more about our solar panel cleaning and maintenance services.

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